User And Membership Agreement

Membership Agreement Of User And Content

Benefit from the services on our site, this Agreement and secure booking system


This Agreement and the contract documents and annexes that are an integral part of the Convention and referred to (Annex-secure BOOKING system, the additional-Privacy Policy, Cancellation Policy Annex 3 ADDITIONAL-4YASAKLAR) of this User Agreement (hereinafter

2. Definitions

Tatilevi.Com the internet site user to the site with other members

3. Scope and subject matter of the contract

User Agreement

4. Membership and terms of service

a) membership of the relevant section of the website from the user of the web site by a person who wishes to become a member of and done the registration process by sending the necessary credentials to with the approval of the registration is completed. The membership process is completed well before the capacity of being a user as defined in this Agreement and the rights cannot be obtained.b) the internet site to become a member of, be an adult and in accordance with Article 5.2 of this Agreement, by temporarily suspended from membership, or membership should be banned indefinitely. Underage or clause 5.2 of this Agreement as stated above, in accordance with suspended from Membership temporarily or indefinitely banned from membership of people who have been to the internet site has completed the registration process for the site to be a member of result the site determine the place of manage, and has the full authority has the right to cancel and check.

5. Rights and obligations

Rights And Liabilities In Relation To Ingredients

5.1. User

a) user while performing the membership procedures, your website service

5.1.1. Rights and obligations of the guests

a) guests for the internet site house owners for rental properties that are listed daily by

5.1.2. Rights and obligations of home owners

a) The owner of the house on the website that the supply of property in rent/think that belongs to them the ownership of property and/or property/rented property by itself against any legal provision or recognized that there are other obstacles. Rent to the landlord in the supply of property/properties, are determined by the provisions of the User Agreement, or specified in certain parts of the website, the website and website services


a) the service offered on the internet site

6. Services issued by the Service

6.1. Secure Booking System

a) The lease between the owner and the guest in the stage of payment of the rental fee of the property during guest and homeowner “secure payment system” payment Management Service by the name of

7. Evaluation System

a) The assessment system, the user

8. Other Provisions

Other Provisions And Related Substances

8.1. Intellectual Property Rights

a) site

8.2.Contract Changes in its sole discretion this User Agreement and unilaterally

8.3. Force Majeure And Termination Of Contract